Medieval England’s Payn Fondew | Recipe Rewind S2E1

It's a dish with origins as old as our earliest records. In this special two-parter to start off Series Two, we explore the history of bread pudding around the globe, and the different interpretations that evolved. Read, (and reproduce at your own risk), the recipe for the wine and honey Payn Fondew, from Medieval England.


The Balkan Tour: Montenegro

From Dubrovnik, we made our way down to Montenegro. We didn't really know what to expect, other than we were told all throughout our journey that it had the most incredible scenery in the region. They were right. Highlights, lowlights and lotsa tips included!

The First Tikka Masala | Recipe Rewind S1E10

We're ending Series One with a bang - by making the predecessor of Britain's National Dish: the Tikka Masala. First printed in 1961, it is asserted that Mrs Balbir Singh's 'Shahi Chicken Masala' is the original Tikka recipe, and is as similar as you'll find, especially when you consider the other most prominent claimant recalls their serendipitous invention as taking place ten years later.