Latvia’s Rupjmaizes Kartojums | Recipe Rewind S2E2

Explore the origins of Bread Pudding, a dish as old as time, and visit the world with us as we tour interpretations of the dish from around the globe. Discover the cheese, cranberry, and rye bread pudding, unique to Latvia in our special two-parter on Bread Pudding.


The First Tikka Masala | Recipe Rewind S1E10

We're ending Series One with a bang - by making the predecessor of Britain's National Dish: the Tikka Masala. First printed in 1961, it is asserted that Mrs Balbir Singh's 'Shahi Chicken Masala' is the original Tikka recipe, and is as similar as you'll find, especially when you consider the other most prominent claimant recalls their serendipitous invention as taking place ten years later.