Recipe Rewind Episode 10: The First Tikka Masala

We're ending Series One with a bang - by making the predecessor of Britain's National Dish: the Tikka Masala. First printed in 1961, it is asserted that Mrs Balbir Singh's 'Shahi Chicken Masala' is the original Tikka recipe, and is as similar as you'll find, especially when you consider the other most prominent claimant recalls their serendipitous invention as taking place ten years later.

Intermission: Tuna Empanada

Empanadas are a staple of Hispanic cuisine, with fillings ranging from the common, to the wildly unusual. Each country has their own style of empanada, but this easy to make pepper and tuna empanada comes to us from our special guest Ana, a professional chef, originally from Ecuador, now living in Spain.