Special: Little Dollops of Shite

Martino da Como was the West’s first celebrity chef, his seminal cookbook The Art of Cooking broke new ground never thought of before, but we didn’t quite bring his ‘Puff Fritters’ to life as he would like.


On Martino da Como

Transcript of The Art of Cooking (page 191)


  • A cup of flour
  • A pinch of salt
  • Enough water to make it elastic (hint: enough!)

And today on Recipe Rewind, we’re making little dollops of shite. Martino Da Como was the first celebrity chef in the West. His books in the mid-15th century marked the beginning of the transition to Renaissance cuisine in Europe.

Oh, what is that?! Oh god! Oh Jesus Christ! His cookbook, the Art of Cooking, revolutionised recipe writing, becoming the first book to standardise writing measurements, utensils and methods in detail.

Many Italian recipes today come from his experimentation with food, one including Pizzelle, a pastry unique to Naples. Martino called them ‘Puff Fritters’.

Put a cup of flour and a pinch of salt into a bowl, then just enough water to make it an elastic consistency. Mix it around for thirty minutes. Let set for an hour and walk away like a badass.

After this, the dough should be wet and sticky…but not too wet and sticky. Or this happens. And then you fail, and uhh….uhh…uuhhhh.


Written by Benjamin Daniels


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