Intermission: Tuna Empanada

Empanadas are a staple of Hispanic cuisine, with fillings ranging from the common, to the wildly unusual.

Each country has their own style of empanada, but this easy to make pepper and tuna empanada comes to us from our special guest Ana, a professional chef, originally from Ecuador, now living in Spain.


  • Four whole red and green peppers
  • Oil to fry
  • Salt and pepper to taste (other spices optional)
  • Three to four cans of tuna
  • 250ml or enough tuna passata to cover
  • One whole egg
  • Shortcrust pastry

This is Nutbunnin coming to you from Madrid! And we’ve got a delicious tuna empanada recipe, brought to us by our special guest chef, ANA!

Slice a mix of around four whole red and green peppers, and fry them in oil with salt and pepper on top. Any additional spices and vegetables are by personal preference!

Add three to four cans of tuna, and cover in tomato passata and keep frying. During all this, beat an egg and put aside.

Stuff some shortcrust pastry with the empanada filling, and rub the beaten egg on top to give it a glaze. Cook at 165 degrees for about forty minutes, or until golden.

Trust me, you’ll want to try these.


Written by Benjamin Daniels


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